Funded Projects

In Year 1 of TAM, we funded 6 projects which represented novel and pertinent answers to our foundational question: How can technology support adolescent mental wellness?

In Year 2, we are asking that same question in a brand-new context: How can technology support adolescent mental wellness, and how does that question take on new significance in the context of a global pandemic?

Click the PI’s name to learn about the current status of their Year 1 and Year 2 projects.

Celeste Campos-Castillo

  • Co-I: Linnea Laestadius
  • Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Population: Latinx Youth in Milwaukee, WI
  • Year 1 Project: Privacy Co-Management on Social Networking Sites among Latinx Adolescents
  • Year 2 Project: Adolescents Alerting Parents about Distressed Social Media Posts from Peers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We R Native

  • Co-I: Scheana Bull
  • Affiliation: We R Native
  • Population: Native American Youth
  • Year 1 and 2 Projects: Designing and evaluating technologies to promote adolescent mental health

Keshet Ronen

  • Co-Is: Yolanda Evans, Grace John-Stewart, Jennifer Unger, Amritha Bhat
  • Affiliation: Global WACh at the University of Washington (UW) and Psychiatry at UW
  • Population: Peripartum adolescents in Seattle, WA
  • Year 1 Project: Social media support for peripartum adolescents in Seattle
  • Year 2 Project: Support for peripartum adolescents in response to the COVID-19 panedmic

Rona Zlokower

  • Co-I: David S. Bickham
  • Affiliation: Media Power Youth
  • Population: Youth in Manchester, NH middle schools
  • Year 1 Project: Screenshots: Teaching Young Adolescents to Use Media in Ways that Enhance their Wellness

Megan Ranney

  • Co-Is: Shira Dunsiger, Alison Riese, Rochelle Rosen
  • Affiliation: Rhode Island Hospital
  • Population: Youth experiencing online victimization
  • Year 1 Project: IMPACT: Intervention Media to Prevent Adolescent Cyber-conflict through Technology
  • Year 2 Project: “Connect-19”: Assessing technology use patterns among youth before and after school closures

Yalda Uhls

  • Co-Is: Laurel Felt, Ellen Wartella, Louise Dixon De Silva
  • Affiliation: Center for Scholars and Storytellers
  • Population: Youth ages 13-17
  • Year 1 Project: Investigating the Ways and Means by which a Global Entertainment Program Impacts the Mental Wellness of Adolescent Viewers
  • Year 2 Project: From TV Characters’ Scripted Dialogue to Adolescent Viewers’ Authentic Conversations: Exploring Transmedia and Second Screen Strategies to Optimize Mental Wellness for Adolescents