Colloquium 2020

Thanks to all our attendees, speakers, and panelists for an educational and engaging colloquium. Hear what some of our youth advisors and researchers had to say about the colloquium!

Youth Posters

Anjali Mathur | The Relationship Between Depression and Active and Passive Usage of TikTok | View Poster

Owen Tsao | Climate Change and Instagram: Are Positive or Negative Advocacy Posts More Effective? | View Poster

Ethan Kaji | Adolescent Reaction to Signs of Depression through Social Media | View Poster

Sydney Trinrud | Evaluation of Comments on Tik Tok Informational Videos by Healthcare Providers | View Poster

Shreya Godishala | Opioid Reddit Post Analysis | View Poster

Joshua Jerisha | Social Distancing, Pandemic Fatigue, & Adolescent Mental Health: A Text-Driven Content Analysis of Twitter | View Poster

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