YAB Initiative

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child requires researchers to give due weight to youth voices on matters that impact them. The past year’s global events including the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLM movement augment the need to understand youth perspectives and experiences. Many researchers and clinicians value youth input, but lack the funds or staffing to develop a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). In turn, adolescents are in need of social connection, positive adult mentor relationships, and career exposure. 

Funding was provided to 14 YABs as initial support for investigators and clinicians.

Learn more about our Youth Advisory Boards

The YAB Initiative is an advocacy program under the Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing (TAM) program led by Dr. Megan Moreno to promote youth engagement and support researchers and clinicians. Dr. Moreno also leads the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team (SMAHRT) which is where TAM and the YAB Initiative originated.

Currently, youth advisory boards from across the country with diverse research focuses have been funded by this initiative. Explore this story map and learn more about our community members.

YAB Initiative Newsletter

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