Megan Ranney

Quarter 1

1. Briefly restate the specific aims or objectives associated with this project

The objective of IMPACT (Intervention Media to Prevent Adolescent Cyber-conflict through Technology) is to conduct a pilot randomized trial (N=50) of at-risk youth age 13-17 who endorse past-year online victimization. We aim to test the acceptability and feasibility of the IMPACT intervention (remote brief intervention delivered over the phone and 8 weeks of daily messages) recruiting teens online through social media.

2. Tell us what excites you about the funded project.

Our team is most excited for the opportunity to reach youth across the country. Based on our prior work, we have expertise in in-person recruitment out of hospital settings. While we have reached hundreds of at-risk youth in Rhode Island, funding from TAM has allowed us to expand our reach. We are also excited about the possibility of creating and expanding our innovative methods for identifying wellness in real-time, using Instagram posts.

2. Tell us more about your team!

Our team consists of PI: Megan Ranney, Project Coordinator: John Patena, Research Assistant: Emily Kutok, and Co-Is: Nicole Nugent, Alison Riese, Shira Dunsiger, Rochelle Rosen, and Jeff Huang. The Emergency Digital Health Innovation program, affiliated with Brown University and Lifespan Health Systems, is a collaboration of practitioners, researchers, and experts in digital health and adolescent well-being. Our mission is to develop, test, and implement high-quality, evidence-based digital health tools for patients and providers. Currently, Dr. Ranney and John mentor a team of 25 research assistants and students.

Fun fact: Emily Kutok has a Snapchat streak with her sister of 1215 days!