Milwaukee Youth Wellness Initiative

Top row: Julie Pike, Frida Hamad, Dre Bishop. Bottom row: Celeste Campos-Castillo, Linnea Laestadius.

Program Description

Our team based at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (@UWMNews) will start the Milwaukee Youth Wellness Initiative on Technology (MYWIT), which is a youth advisory board comprised of high school aged students from communities of color in Milwaukee. Youth advisors will 1) identify priorities for a research program focused on understanding the non-medical use of artificial intelligence (e.g., chatbots, machine learning) to provide mental health support to adolescents; and 2) participate in professional development opportunities to pique their interest in researcher careers. The board’s activities are designed to address issues of inclusivity and racial and ethnic bias within the research area and the underrepresentation of communities of color within research careers.

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