TAM Data Recipient Experiences

Dr. Libby Matile Milkovich

“The consortium provides a knowledgeable network of experts in my research topic interest, and I was drawn to this benefit. Through the consortium, I connected with Dr. Moreno about my interest in understanding the relationship of parent’s and teen’s problematic internet use, and she had recommended using the Youth Health and Social Media dataset. Additionally, I have participated in writing sessions and the TAM conference to better clarify my research questions. Through this support from TAM, this work was presented at the meeting for Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS).”

Dr. Jessica Hamilton

“Working with the consortium has been a wonderful experience! Dr. Moreno is an incredible mentor with a talented and thoughtful team. Through my involvement with the TAM consortium, I have become connected with researchers all over the country who aim to center youth voices to improve health, which resulted in founding our own youth advisory board! The TAM consortium also helped me to gain access to a large dataset to understand the links between adolescent social media and sleep. We recently published results of this study, which found that social media affects sleepiness and having rules around technology use at bedtime can reduce these effects and improve teens’ energy! I’m excited to continue collaborations with TAM to improve teen mental health.”

Dr. Brittany Allen

“I was fortunate to connect to this data set when Dr. Megan Moreno mentioned that the project had collected information about youth gender identity and digital media use. While there is a lot of discussion in media, clinical, and family spaces about the use of digital media by transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse youth, there is relatively little that has assessed this group’s interactions with online spaces and digital media. We have been able to submit two manuscripts based on this data: the first looked at the connections between psychosocial measures and digital media use in TNG youth and was published in August of 2021; the second is a brief describing problematic technology use and technology interactions seen in these TNG youth, and is currently under review. Working with this data was a great opportunity to learn more about digital media literature in this specific population!”

Dr. Lauren Rutter

“I got involved with the TAM consortium at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when I was reaching out to researchers to put together a conference panel on digital mental health. I initially connected with Dr. Moreno by phone and she explained everything that the TAM program was doing currently and described existing data collected by her group. As a new faculty member, I was very excited to form the collaboration, and grateful that she offered to allow me to analyze TAM data. Two publications have resulted from this collaboration and more are in the works. It is very generous of Dr. Moreno to share her data to other young researchers, and I have enjoyed attending TAM conferences and learning more about the organization.”

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