TAM Colloquium Q&A withReese Hyzer: TAM YAB Staff Lead

Written by: Garrett Waterman

The Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM) works to answer the foundational question: How can technology support adolescent mental wellness? . Part of this initiative includes hosting a virtual colloquium split into three segments: the TAM Data Consortium, a TAM Youth Advisory Board panel, and the YAB Initiative. The 2023 virtual colloquium is scheduled for Thursday January 12, 2023. Learn more at

Q: Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Reese Hyzer (she/her), and I’m a client-based researcher on the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team (SMAHRT). I graduated from UW–Madison with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and certificates in global health and gender and women’s studies. In 2021, I earned a master’s degree in education and am currently working toward my PhD in school psychology at Loyola University in Chicago.

Q: How would you describe your role within the TAM Program?

I am the staff lead for the TAM Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This means that I am involved in recruiting TAM YAB members, scheduling and facilitating meetings, and helping to incorporate youth voices and perspectives into the TAM Colloquium.

Q: What is the TAM Colloquium in general and why is it important?

The TAM Colloquium is a time for members of the TAM community to come together to learn from each other and collaborate on ways to improve adolescent mental wellness with technology.

Q: Who will be at the Colloquium, and what is a general overview of the day?

A variety of different professionals attend the TAM colloquium. There is a great mix of researchers from different institutions as well as members of the YAB Initiative. Chelsea can tell you more about this!

Q; Why do you think it is important to include adolescents in the discussion?

It’s important to include adolescents because TAM is focused on adolescent mental wellness. Incorporating a youth perspective helps researchers identify topics that are especially relevant to adolescents today and leads to better research overall. The youth panel is also a great way to empower youth to share their own experiences with technology and social media. Oftentimes, adults talk about youth technology use without considering their perspectives. The youth panel allows for adolescents to join in on the conversation as key stakeholders.

Q: What makes you most excited about the 2023 TAM Colloquium?

I am the most excited for the youth panel. We have a great TAM YAB this year, and it’ll be great to hear their thoughts and perspectives about technology and adolescent mental wellness!

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