TAM Funded Project Updates

By: Garrett Waterman

In 2018 the TAM program funded 6 projects surrounding how technology can support adolescent mental wellness. This work has inspired novel research and built strong communities. Below are highlights of these funded TAM projects and what these groups have been working on since. 

Dr. Celeste Campos Castillo

Dr. Celeste Campos Castillo studied the reluctance of children to alert a parent or guardian that a friend was struggling with social media. Dr. Campos Castillo has also worked to understand how COVID-19 has exacerbated these issues. Today, she is continuing her research on adolescent mental health by analyzing racial and ethnic differences in telehealth


WeRNative’s funded TAM project evaluated multimedia messages for adolescents struggling with suicidal ideation and depression. They work to design effective messaging programs to aid teens in mental health struggles. WeRNative is continuing to develop their website, Q&A, text message service, and social media to build a community and help adolescents with their mental health. 

Dr. Keshet Ronen

Dr. Keshet Ronen’s TAM-funded project sought to understand how group counseling intervention services can prevent depressive symptoms in postpartum adolescents. She developed an intervention program based on de-stigmatization and reduced isolation. Dr. Ronen’s work today includes evaluating a mobile health intervention for early detection of childhood malnutrition in Kenya.  

Media Power Youth

Media Power Youth created a team of high-school students to explore how social media habits shape communication norms of their peer groups. They formed on ongoing advisory board to continue to incorporate youth voices in their social media curriculum. They are continuing to evolve their curriculum based on youth recommendations to boost youth wellness online

Dr. Megan Ranney

Dr. Megan Ranney’s TAM-funded project developed intervention media to prevent adolescent cyber conflict. With feedback from TAM and youth advisory boards, she developed a survey to understand youth technology use patterns before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Ranney is continuing her research to create interventions to prevent peer violence and depressive symptoms among at risk emergency department adolescents.

Dr. Yalda Uhls

Dr. Yalda Uhls, founder of The Center for Scholars and Storytellers, began her TAM-funded project to understand how a popular teen-facing TV show can impact adolescent mental wellness. Dr. Uhls is continuing to develop “second screen content” to better address mental health in entertainment.  

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