The Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness program (TAM) is a community of stakeholders interested in generating novel responses to the following foundational question: How can technology support adolescent mental wellness?

We are excited to announce that the virtual 2023 TAM Colloquium is scheduled for Thursday, January 12th.

This meeting will be a one-day, virtual event. The meeting will consist of three main segments: (1) a TAM Data Consortium portion to learn about data that the TAM program has available and how TAM members have used it, (2) a general interest section including our Youth panel: always a favorite session!, and (3) a YAB Initiative portion to learn about ways that TAM has supported others in developing their own Youth Advisory Boards (YABs). 


Voices in Adolescent Technology Use and Mental Wellness

Journal of Medical Internet Research-Mental Health

September 15, 2021

This year our TAM community members worked alongside youth to write and publish an open access theme issue with JMIR-MH.

Highlights of this theme issue include:

  • Manuscripts from each of our TAM grantees describing their projects and what was learned
  • A collection of brief research papers from youth scientists
  • A commentary from youth describing their experiences with technology during the past year in the COVID pandemic

Don’t forget to tag @SMAHRTeam in your posts to connect with our team and other colloquium attendees.

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